About Us

If you want to know more about my backstory and how I launched this app, you’ve come to the right page. As a naturally shy person myself, this idea is something that I am passionate about and excited to share.

My Story

My name is Jordan Smith and I am currently attending the University of Miami. I study Entrepreneurship and Business Technology.

Developing this app is extremely personal to me. As someone who is naturally shy, I have always had trouble getting outside my comfort zone and building confidence in social situations. crowdShy is the solution I envisioned and I believe it can help many people just like me.

crowdShy is a community where you can grow and try new experiences

How is crowdShy different?

It is common now for most social media platforms to place us in judgmental and unhelpful spaces. With endless scrolling and little to no advocation for growth, it can be easy to get stuck in our ways and miss out on new opportunities.

Our community focuses on two distinct areas. On one end, anyone who accesses our app can easily create discussions, find others with similar interests, or even join specific sub-groups. Additionally, we stress the importance of using our custom-made challenges for personal development. 


We appreciate any comments or ideas you may have about our platform. Use the button below to contact us

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