I'm Jordan.
A shy, introverted, and awkward entrepreneur.

 crowdShy is a  space for young people who struggle in social situations. A new solution for the way we challenge ourselves.

Why crowdShy?

I know how it feels to be alone at a social event with no plan on how to introduce myself while everyone else participates in their own conversations. 

crowdShy is meant for those looking to challenge themselves and pursue opportunities outside their comfort zone. Now, what can expanding your comfort zone do for you?

Conquer your fears

When we can get past our fears, there is no limit to what we can do. Too many times, I have missed out on opportunities solely because I assumed the worst. Whereas if I had a community like this one, I could receive support to tackle those doubts head-on. 

Build self confidence

Experts say that continually exposing ourselves to obstacles and challenges is the best way to grow. Here, you can participate in challenges that build personal development and confidence. This then leads to you being able to try new opportunities.

Find a new side to yourself

When we learn and expose ourselves to new situations, we are able to discover a completely different version of ourselves. It is a great feeling to try things you previously never thought you would do while having fun.

About Me

I am a college student studying entrepreneurship and business technology at the University of Miami. 

For years, I have participated in various student-focused business programs in hopes of eventually launching my own community. crowdShy is the culmination of months of work and problem-solving to build a truly innovative product for people just like me.

Our App

crowdShy is a social media platform aimed at young people who need support in getting outside their comfort zone. Here you can connect with others, learn, support each other, and grow. Some of our core features include: 

Forums & Discussion Topics

Whether it’s discussing school life or funny stories at work, there is no shortage of topics to choose from on our forums.

With our forums, all users are able to post or create discussions tailored to their own interests. There is no limit to the conversations you can have here.

Expand your comfort zone

Complete guides and challenges aimed at helping you explore opportunities outside your comfort zone.

Growth is a vital point of what makes our platform worthwhile. You can participate in guided courses to challenge yourself and build self-confidence.

Stay true to who you are while also growing and learning with others

Our Mission & Values

Here at crowdShy, we are creating the next wave in social media use for young people who struggle in social situations.

Our claim to fame is combining the ease of use of sharing and connecting with others alongside personal development. We believe that everyone has room to grow and all you need is a small push, we provide that support.

  • Meet

    Everyone on our platform shares similar experiences so it is easy to meet people just like you.

  • Share

    Most social media sites make it seem bad to share how you are truly feeling. We encourage it.

  • Learn

    Gradually participate in challenges and guides catered toward helping you.

  • Grow

    See a side of yourself you didn't know you had, explore new opportunities, all while staying true to who you are

A new type of social community

Forget the basic question-and-answer discussions and join a community dedicated to learning, growing, and supporting each other.


We appreciate any comments or ideas you may have about our platform. Use the button below to contact us.

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